Simiyu Optimistic Ahead Of New Season

Shujaa Head Coach Innocent Simiyu is optimistic that his charges will rise to the occasion when the new Sevens World Series season kicks off with the Dubai Sevens in December. Speaking at the team’s residential camp at the Maiyan Villas in Nanyuki, Simiyu said, ” Everything has been good, our pre-season has been good, we’ve been able to condition the players and also improve their skills while bringing in new players who are skilled. It’s a long season, there’ll be ups and downs, we know and believe but we know  and believe we will be able to meet our targets as we have done enough in terms of preparations.”

Innocent Simiyu

Commenting on the 10 day residential camp, he said,” We have been able to try out new things with regard to how we want to play the upcoming series.We are pretty much satisfied with how things have progressed and the new things that we are bringing into our game. We have also had the opportunity to try new players at a higher level in terms of the intensity that we are operating at.There are some good players that we will perhaps see coming into the team while will probably be an advantage to us as it helps sort out issues related to some areas we’ve been having with the setpiece, particularly the kickoffs and lineouts. It also gives us some dynamics in terms of firepower. What’s next for us is the Safland Sevens, hopefully we can test the new combinations and players at a higher level,at the competition phase and once we are done with Safland we’ll be ready to go to Dubai.”

With a batch of players heading out to Namibia for the Safland Sevens, Simiyu still has a large squad to work with ahead of the camp’s conclusion on Friday 10 November.

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