The Kenya national rugby sevens team competes in the World Rugby Sevens Series, Rugby World Cup Sevens and the Commonwealth Games.

Popularly referred to as Shujaa, (Warrior in Swahili),they have been a one of the 15 “core teams” of the World Series since the 2004/05 season. Kenya recorded its first tournament win in the World Rugby Sevens Series after beating Fiji at the 2016 Singapore Sevens. They also featured at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, finishing 11th out of 12 teams after having qualified with a last gasp 21-17 win over Zimbabwe in the African qualifiers in November 2015.

They have competed at the Rugby World Cup Sevens in 2001, 05,09,13 reaching the cup semifinals on the latter two occasions. They will again be part of the cast at the 2018 edition in San Francisco.

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