Understanding Rugby Sevens

Like your rugby fast and furious? Then Sevens is the game for you. The game is now recognized as an Olympic sport after making its debut in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

If you’re new to rugby, here’s a handy guide to the game

Rugby Union is traditionally played with teams of fifteen players, so with less than half the players on the pitch, only seven minutes per half (ten for the finals) the pace of sevens is electrifying.

The game demands speed, agility, a high level of fitness and clever tactics. Successful teams plan and practice how to exploit the big areas of open space you get from having fewer players on the pitch. Normally there are less rucks, mauls, scrums and line-outs in the sevens game and this usually leads to a fast moving, skillful 14 minutes of nail-biting entertainment.

In a nutshell, it’s seven players for seven minutes each half. Each team can have five subs, and if it’s a draw at full time the draw counts. In finals, extra time is played in five minute periods, and the first team to score wins.


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