2018 Africa Women’s Sevens playing schedule

Kenya will start their Africa Women’s Sevens campaign in Gaberone,Botswana with a match against Senegal at 12.44pm East African time on Saturday 26 May before completing their Pool A assignments against Madagascar at 2.20pm the same day.

The ten team tournament, which will be streamed live on the Kwese Sports Facebook page sees teams split into two pools of three teams each with the third pool comprising four teams.

Matches in Pools A and B will be played on a round robin basis while Pool C teams will play a semifinal and a pool final. Additionally, matches in this pool will be in sudden death extra time in the event of a draw.

Teams will then be reseeded ahead of the knockout phase on day two of the tournament.

Pool A: Kenya, Senegal, Madagascar
Pool B: Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe
Pool C: Botswana, Morocco, Mauritius, Zambia

Africa Women’s Sevens
Day 1 Order of Play
Saturday 26 May 2018

1.Pool A Madagascar v Senegal 11.08am
2.Pool B Uganda v Zimbabwe 11.30am
3.Pool C Morocco v Zambia 11.52am
4.Pool A Kenya v Senegal 12.44pm
5.Pool B Tunisia v Zimbabwe 1.06pm
6.Pool C Botswana v Mauritius 1.28pm
7.Pool A Kenya v Madagascar 2.20pm
8.Pool B Tunisia v Uganda 2.42pm
9.Winner Match 3 v Winner Match 6 3.04pm
10.Loser Match 3 v Loser Match 6 3.26pm

Day 2 Order of Play
Sunday 27 May 2018

11.Rank 1 v Rank 8 10.30am
12.Rank 3 v Rank 6 10.52am
13.Rank 4 v Rank 5 11.14am
14.Rank 2 v Rank 7 11.36am

Ranking semis
15.Loser Match 11 v Loser Match 12 12.42pm
16.Loser Match 13 v Loser Match 14 1.04pm

17.Winner Match 11 v Winner Match 12 1.26pm
18.Winner Match 13 v Winner Match 14 1.48pm

9th place final 2.32pm

7th place final 2.54pm

5th place final 3.16pm

3rd place playoff 3.38pm

Final 4.22pm

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