Christie Sevens Background And Winners Roll

First played in 1962, the Christie Sevens, which was incorporated on to the Kenyan National Sevens Circuit in 1999 is the oldest running club sevens tournament in Kenya, outliving the now dormant RAF Sevens (first played 1937 – 1992), the Nakuru Sevens (1949-74), Jones Cup (1952-53 before morphing into the Enterprise Cup West Kenya qualifier  ) and Gestetner Sevens (circa 1976-1987).

It is named in honour of Alex ‘Sandy’ Milne Christie, a President of Kenya Harlequins’, veteran rugby player, referee for Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Kampala, Uganda, Mombasa in Kenya who also served as President of the RFUEA and Vice-President of Wasps RFC in England.

While information on the 1962 and 1963 remains scanty, a group of rugby aficionados have painstakingly cobbled together the list of winners from 1964 to date.

1964 Kenya Police & Eldoret-(Combined) R.A.F-Royal Air force
1965 Impala Kenya Police
1966 Kenya Harlequins Nondescripts
1967 Impala Nondescripts
1968 Impala A Impala B
1969 Kenya Harlequins Impala
1970 Impala University Of Nairobi
1971 9th Paratroopers (United Kingdom) Nondescripts
1972 Impala Kenya Harlequins
1973 Impala B Impala A
1974 Nondescripts Impala
1975 Nondescripts Impala
1976 Nondescripts Impala
1977 Mean Machine Impala
1978 Mwamba Mean Machine
1979 Mwamba Mean Machine
1980 Mean Machine Mwamba
1981 Kenya Harlequin Mean Machine
1982 Kenya Harlequins Mwamba
1983 Kenya Harlequin Mwamba
1984 Mean Machine Kenya Harlequin
1985 Mwamba Mean Machine
1986 Kenya Harlequin Mean Machine
1987 Not played Not played
1988 Barclays Bank Impala
1989 Mean Machine Mwamba
1990 Mean Machine Barclays Bank
1991 Barclays Bank Mean Machine
1992 KCB Barclays Bank
1993 Mean Machine Barclays Bank
1994 Barclays Bank
1995 Mean Machine
1996 Mean Machine
1997 Mean Machine Kenya Harlequin
1998 Impala Mean Machine
1999 Impala Mean Machine
2000 Nakuru Kenya Harlequin
2001 Ulinzi (Kenya Army) Nondescripts
2002 Ulinzi (Kenya Army)
2003 Kenya Harlequin
2004 KCB Impala
2005 Mwamba Kenya Harlequins
2006 Mwamba Impala
2007 Kenya Harlequin Mwamba
2008 Mwamba Kenya Harlequins
2009 Kenya Harlequin Nakuru
2010 Kenya Harlequin Mwamba
2011 Mwamba
2012 KCB
2013 KCB Kenya Harlequin
2014 Mwamba Impala
2015. Kenya Harlequin KCB
2016. Kabras Sugar Homeboyz


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