Four Week Ban For Otieno

Mwamba RFC’s Horace Owiti Otieno has been suspended from all rugby for four weeks following a judicial hearing into a misconduct charge during his team’s Kabeberi Sevens match against Nondescripts on Saturday 9 September.

Otieno was found in breach of World Rugby Regulation 20.4b by way of engaging in conduct that would bring the Game into disrepute and did not uphold the spirit of the Laws of the Game (in breach of clause 1.2 of the Code of Conduct).

World Rugby Regulation 20.4(b) defines Misconduct to include: Acting in an abusive, insulting, intimidating or offensive manner towards referees, assistant referees, Citing Commissioners, members of Disciplinary Tribunals or other officials or any person associated with the Host Union, the Rugby Body or the Unions participating in the Match or spectators;

He will miss the remainder of the National Sevens Circuit (i.e. the “Prinsloo” 7s Tournament in Nakuru, the“Sepetuka” 7s Tournament in Eldoret, the “Dala” 7s Tournament in Kisumu and the “Christie” 7s Tournament in Nairobi).

Judicial Hearing Decison – Horace Otieno – Sunday 10 September 2017

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