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Zetech Oaks headline the second division competition at the fourth round of the SportPesa National 7s Circuit, the Christie 7s, taking place on 12-13 August 2023 at the Impala Club.

They are in Pool A with Meru, Nanyuki Jackals and Masaku while Pool B features Makueni, Stallions, Northern Suburbs and Comras.

Division two leaders UoE Trojans play out of a Pool C that also features Molo, Kenya Prisons and the Presbyterian University of East Africa.

Administration Police Warriors are in Pool D with Embu, NYS Spades and Ngong Warriors as Pool E features TUM Marines, Moi University, MKU Nairobi and Dagoretti Bulldogs.

Christie Sevens Division 2

Pool A: Zetech Oaks, Meru, Nanyuki Jackals, Masaku

Pool B: Makueni, Stallions, Northern Suburbs, Comras

Pool C: UoE Trojans, Molo, Kenya Prisons, PUEA

Pool D: AP Warriors, Embu, NYS Spades, Ngong Warriors

Pool E: TUM Marines, Moi University, MKU Nairobi, Dagoretti Bulldogs

Day 1 Order of Play, Saturday 12 August 2023

0800 Meru v Nanyuki Jackals
0820 Zetech Oaks v Masaku
0840 Stallions v Northern Suburbs
0900 Makueni v Comras
0920 Molo v Kenya Prisons
0940 UoE Trojans v PUEA
1000 Embu v NYS Spades
1020 AP Warriors v Ngong Warriors
1040 Moi University v MKU Nairobi
1100 TUM Marines v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1120 Meru v Masaku
1140 Zetech Oaks v Nanyuki Jackals
1200 Stallions v Comras
1220 Makueni v Northern Suburbs
1240 Molo v PUEA
1300 UoE Trojans v Kenya Prisons
1320 Embu v Ngong Warriors
1340 AP Warriors v NYS Spades
1400 Moi University v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1420 TUM Marines v MKU Nairobi
1440 Nanyuki Jackals v Masaku
1500 Zetech Oaks v Meru
1520 Northern Suburbs v Comras
1540 Makueni v Stallions
1600 Kenya Prisons v PUEA
1620 UoE Trojans v Molo
1640 NYS Spades v Ngong Warriors
1700 AP Warriors v Embu
1720 MKU Nairobi v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1740 TUM Marines v Moi University


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