National Schools Sevens Championships Set For Mombasa

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association National Schools Sevens Championships take place in Mombasa on 9th and 10th June.

Hosts Coast Region will field four teams namely Kaya Tiwi, Mghalu, Galana and Shimo la Tewa while the remaining six regions will field the winners and runners up from the regional championships that were held over the past month.

The tournament draw and order of play will be announced later in the week.

KSSSA National Schools Sevens participating teams
Muhuru Muchiri, Nairobi School (Nairobi), Menengai, Simotwo (Rift Valley), Maseno, St. Joseph’s Rapogi (Nyanza),Kangaru, Katwanya (Eastern), Chavakali, Bungoma (Western), Alliance, Kagumo (Central), Kaya Tiwi, Mghalu, Galana,Shimo la Tewa (Coast)

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