Prescott Cup Reaches Quarterfinal Stage

After close to a month’s action, the Prescott Cup reaches its knockout stages following completion of the pool stage matches.

Quarterfinal action gets underway with three of four fixtures set for Saturday 17 June 2017.  Upper Hill face off with Lenana School at Upper Hill in a clash set for 1.00pm

Nairobi School will be up against Mang’u in the 10.00am kickoff at the Nairobi School while Ofafa Jericho duel Alliance in what is undoubtedly the clash of the round. This game will be played at the Ofafa Jericho High School.

The fourth quarterfinal between RVA and Muhuru Muchiri has been postponed to a later date.

Quarters – Saturday 17 June, 2017

Upper Hill  v Lenana School

RVA vs Muhuri Muchiri (Postponed)

Nairobi School Vs Mangu

Ofafa Jericho Vs Alliance

Damu Changa

Upper Hill II vs Lenana II

Alliance II vs Muhuri Muchiri II

RVA II vs Mangu II

Ofafa II vs Nairobi II

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