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 On the 3rd and 4th of November 2023, the Nakuru Athletics Club (NAC) played host to the Women’s Kenya Cup Qualifiers. The tournament witnessed competition among various teams vying for a spot in the 2023-2024 Women’s Kenya Cup. Among the participating teams, Rongo University and Shamberere Technical emerged as the top contenders, securing their places in the upcoming Women’s Kenya Cup. 

Rongo University and Shamberere Technical demonstrated exceptional prowess on the field, securing their positions in the Women’s Kenya Cup. This achievement qualifies them to join the ranks of the other six teams in the 2023-2024 Women’s Kenya Cup. These teams will be vying for top honors in the upcoming season. 

Rongo University emerged victorious in all their matches, earning them a well-deserved spot in the upcoming season. They defeated NYS with a convincing score of 25-3, secured a win by a try against Shamberere Technical, and dominated over Blak Babes (Kenyatta University) with a commanding score of 27-3. Rongo University’s remarkable performance earned them a total of 12 points, solidifying their position at the top of the qualifying tournament. 

Shamberere Technical also demonstrated their strength on the field during the qualifiers. They showcased their talent and determination, earning 8 valuable points in the competition. 

While Rongo University and Shamberere Technical secured the top two positions, the other participating teams also put-up commendable efforts. NYS Spades earned 4 points in the competition, Blak Babes (Kenyatta University) participated in the qualifiers, but they did not accumulate any points. 

Rongo University and Shamberere Technical will now join Mwamba, Impala, Nakuru RFC, Western Spear, Northern Suburbs and Maseno University in the 2023-2024 Women’s Kenya Cup. The upcoming season promises to be filled with exciting matches and intense competition as these eight teams vie for the 2023-2024 Women’s Kenya Cup title. 


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