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Michael Kwambo |

The anticipation is mounting as the Kenya Lionesses gear up to participate in the highly anticipated World Rugby WXV3 tournament set to unfold in Dubai from October 13th to the 28th. The team, under the watchful guidance of a seasoned management staff, is poised to make Kenya proud in this groundbreaking women’s rugby competition.
Heading the Lionesses into this prestigious tournament is the astute Head Coach, Dennis Mwanja. Mwanja, renowned for his strategic acumen and dedication to developing women’s rugby, has been instrumental in shaping the squad’s game plan and honing their skills.
Assisting Coach Mwanja is none other than former Kenya Sevens Coach and Rugby legend, Paul Murunga. Murunga’s wealth of experience on the global rugby stage adds a unique dimension to the Lionesses’ preparation. His insights and expertise will undoubtedly be invaluable during the campaign.
Behind the scenes, ensuring the team’s logistics and operations run seamlessly, is Team Manager Camilyne Oywayo. Oywayo’s meticulous attention to detail and organization skills are pivotal in keeping the Lionesses focused and free to concentrate solely on the game.
The well-being of the squad is entrusted to the capable hands of Levyce Kituyi, the team’s physiotherapist. Kituyi’s role is paramount in maintaining the fitness and health of the players throughout the tournament, and her expertise is an indispensable asset to the team.
Ensuring that the Lionesses are in peak physical condition is Strength and Conditioning Coach Geoffrey Onyango. Onyango’s training programs have helped the squad attain their optimal fitness levels, readying them for the rigors of international competition.
The Kenya Lionesses have dedicated countless hours to rigorous training sessions, focusing on honing their skills, enhancing their physical fitness, and fine-tuning their game strategies. Coach Mwanja and his team have instilled a strong sense of discipline and teamwork, crucial elements for success in the WXV3 tournament.
Participating in the WXV3 tournament means taking on some of the world’s most formidable women’s rugby teams. The Lionesses will face fierce competition, but their recent performances, coupled with their dedicated preparation, have them well-poised for the challenge.
The Kenya Lionesses enjoy unwavering support from rugby enthusiasts and the nation as a whole. Their journey to the WXV3 tournament has inspired countless young girls to pursue rugby, contributing significantly to the growth of women’s rugby in Kenya.
As the Kenya Lionesses make their final preparations to represent the nation in Dubai, the entire country rallies behind them. They are not just competing; they are pioneering a path for women’s rugby in Kenya and Africa. The Lionesses carry with them the pride, hopes, and aspirations of the nation.
As the World Rugby WXV3 tournament draws near, we wish the Kenya Lionesses the very best of luck. May they roar their way to success and inspire a new generation of rugby stars in Kenya.

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