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The Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) recently organized an informative and interactive session for media handlers from its affiliate clubs. The session was tailored to provide valuable insights into effective media management within the context of rugby clubs.

The event featured a panel of expert speakers, including Wanjala Were-Tisini, Charles Nyende (Sports Sub-Editor, Nation Media Group), and Michael Kwambo (Kenya Rugby Union Media and Communications). The speakers shared their knowledge and expertise, offering practical strategies for club media handlers to enhance their media management skills.

The interactive session was part of KRU’s commitment to empower its affiliate clubs with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively manage their media presence. It emphasized the critical role media plays in promoting rugby and fostering engagement with fans, sponsors, and the broader community.

The event provided a platform for learning and collaboration, ensuring that media handlers from rugby clubs could apply these valuable insights in their roles. The expertise shared by the speakers will not only benefit individual clubs but also contribute to the growth and development of rugby as a whole.

Bill Abuom |

The interactive media management session hosted by KRU was a significant step in equipping club media handlers with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. By fostering effective media management, the union aims to enhance the visibility and impact of rugby at the grassroots level, building a stronger foundation for the sport’s growth in Kenya.

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