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The Kenya Rugby Union held a Rugby Development Conference at Strathmore University on 22nd and 23rd July, 2023. The Conference proceedings have since been reduced to a Book of Proceedings.

One of the main conference strands presented by Jerome Paarwater, the Head Coach of the Kenya XVs (Simbas) was on the Integration of the National Squads programmes with the Development arm of the Game. This was key because the National squads were considered a basic consumer of the Kenya Rugby development product. One of Jerome’s recommendations was a joint session of the Simbas Technical team together with club coaches.

The Union, upon subsequent consideration, is arranging this meeting, to coincide with the Book of Proceedings presentation during a Seminar to be held at The Great Lakes Hotel on Friday 10th November, 2023. This will coincide with the Elgon Cup return leg to be held the next day on Saturday, 11th November. The major issues to be discussed will revolve around:

  1. The launch of ‘Deliberate Development’ agenda (by Fred Ollows and Dr. Tank Otieno).
  2. Summary of the Simbas conference paper. (by Jerome Paarwater)
  3. Key planks of the Simbas Strategy of 2023 to 2027 (by Jerome Paarwater)
  4. Target aspects of individual, units and team preparations including:

a). Planning boxes based on the coaching year.

b). Drawing up the training schedule.

c). The content and goal of the training program.

d). Individual and team preparation.

  1. Target aspects of team management. (by Simbas T.M)
  2. Interactive session with coaches and resolutions.
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