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In a heartwarming display of support, Minet Kenya, the trusted insurance partner, presented the Kenya Lionesses fifteens rugby team with a significant cheque of five hundred and seventy-five thousand Kenyan Shillings (KES 575,000). This generous contribution serves as a token of encouragement and financial assistance as the team embarks on their journey to represent Kenya in the prestigious World Rugby WXV3 competition scheduled from the 13th to the 28th of October. Minet Kenya has long been associated with sports and has proudly embraced the role of the official traveling insurance partner of the Kenya Lionesses. Their commitment to supporting the team’s aspirations and ensuring their well-being is reflected in this substantial contribution.

“Minet is proud to be the official travel insurance partner for the Kenya Lionesses as they head to Dubai for the WXV3 tournament. We wish the girls the very best as we continue to secure their tomorrow.” – Esther Bundi – Corporate Affairs Manager, Minet.

The Kenya Lionesses fifteens rugby team is set to showcase their prowess on the international stage as they participate in the highly-anticipated World Rugby WXV3 competition in Dubai. This tournament promises to be a significant platform for the team to demonstrate their talent and compete against some of the world’s best rugby nations. The financial support from Minet Kenya will undoubtedly help ease the logistical and financial burdens associated with international competitions, allowing the Kenya Lionesses to focus on their training and performance.

Speaking at the launch, KRU’s Director of National Squads, Eng. Moses Mukabane said that KRU is honoured to have Minet come on board to support the Lionesses as they embark on this journey. “We will endeavor to continue building our relationship with Minet and we’re very proud of the Lionesses. The impact of this partnership will promote women’s rugby in Kenya,” he added.


While the fifteens team heads to Dubai, the Kenya Lionesses sevens team is gearing up for a rigorous residential training camp. They are diligently preparing for the Olympic qualifiers, which are set to take place in Tunisia from the 14th to the 15th of October. These qualifiers represent a crucial opportunity for the team to secure a spot in the prestigious Olympic Games. The presentation of the cheque by Minet Kenya serves as a powerful symbol of unity and solidarity within the Kenyan sports community. It showcases the importance of corporate partnerships in supporting and nurturing local talent, and it reinforces the belief in the potential of Kenyan athletes to excel on the global stage.


The Kenya Lionesses, both fifteens and sevens teams, have demonstrated unwavering dedication and commitment to their respective disciplines. Their passion for rugby and their determination to make Kenya proud are evident in their rigorous training and strong team spirit.As they depart for Dubai and prepare for the Olympic qualifiers, the Kenya Lionesses carry not only the nation’s hopes but also the support of valued partners like Minet Kenya.

Minet Kenya’s generous contribution to the Kenya Lionesses fifteens rugby team as they set off to Dubai for the World Rugby WXV3 competition is a heartening example of corporate social responsibility and support for Kenya’s talented athletes. The financial assistance provided by Minet Kenya will undoubtedly bolster the team’s preparations and enhance their chances of success on the international stage.


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