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Rugby Sevens World Cup Kit Unveiled

Samurai Sports have unveiled the jersey Kenya Sevens, Shujaa, will use in the upcoming Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco.  The jersey combines the traditional key elements of the lion in the shadows, increasing them to two facing each other and a subtler, yet deeper shade of red combined with black.  The replica is available online at the Samurai Sports website.

2 thoughts on “Rugby Sevens World Cup Kit Unveiled

  1. Hello from England.
    When my wife attended her Godson’s wedding in Kenya 8/9 years ago. She brought me back a Kenya rugby shirt, purchased at the duty free shopping area of the airport. The shirt is “old style” heavy cotton with a white collar and horizontal stripes in black and red with the Kenyan logo on the left breast. This was a short sleave Kenya rugby shirt with the manufacturer’s name “Punch” inside sewn to the collar.
    Unfortunately at some point in the washing process the shirt came into contact with bleach, the effect was disasterous and it has rendered the shirt unwearable.
    I have tried via “Google” on the internet to make contact with this manufacturer, but without success. I was therefore wondering if someone at The Kenya Rugby Union could help me to track down a similar style of shirt? I would require a 44 inch chest – maybe an XL size would serve me OK.
    I live in hope.
    Kindest regards in Rugby

    David Pogson

    1. Hello David,
      We are sorry to heard about that. Unfortunately we do not have a similar shirt in production. We however have the new Replica Jerseys available at the Kenya Rugby Union offices and online shop.

      Kind Regards.

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