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Replica Sales Exceed Expectations

With the launch of this online portal on the 1st of August, we did not know what to expect. Was there enough demand to sustain the venture? Was the pricing attractive enough to generate sales? Was the sizing ordered correct to meet the demand?

Surprisingly in 14 days we are facing stock outs in some sizes. It was anticipated that the existing stock would meet the demand until the Safari Sevens in November when we expect new stock. However this is not so and at the current rate we will be completely stocked out in another 14 days.

Look out for offers in the next few days on kids’ sizes and get your children well fitted out.

2 thoughts on “Replica Sales Exceed Expectations

  1. Dont you guys have the black jersey

  2. Hi, unfortunately we don’t produce a black jersey. However, keep your eyes peeled for the new design coming out soon.

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