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As the date draws nearer for the highly anticipated Rugby Africa Sevens tournament in Harare, Zimbabwe, Kenyan rugby enthusiasts are brimming with excitement and anticipation. Scheduled for September 16th and 17th, 2023, this tournament carries immense significance as it serves as the Olympic qualifiers for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

In Pool B, Kenya will face formidable opponents, setting the stage for intense matches and fierce competition. The teams in this pool include Kenya, Zambia, Namibia, and Nigeria, each with its unique strengths and ambitions.

Kenya’s national rugby sevens team, famously known as the “Shujaa,” boasts a rich history in the world of rugby sevens. Their electrifying speed, precision passing, and exceptional teamwork have earned them a solid reputation on the international stage. With a legacy of success, including numerous titles and podium finishes in past tournaments, Kenya is determined to seize this golden opportunity to secure their spot at the 2024 Olympics.

Facing off against Zambia, Namibia, and Nigeria, Kenya’s journey in Pool B promises to be nothing short of thrilling. Each of these African rugby powerhouses brings their own set of challenges and strengths, making every match a showcase of skill, strategy, and determination.

Zambia, known for their tenacity and physical prowess, will be a formidable opponent for Kenya. Namibia, on the other hand, is celebrated for their robust rugby tradition and strong set pieces, which will test Kenya’s defensive capabilities. Nigeria, with its emerging rugby scene and growing talent pool, is an unpredictable wildcard in this pool.

For Kenya, success in this tournament is not only about Olympic qualification but also about showcasing the resilience and spirit of African rugby. The team will be under the guidance of experienced coaches and the leadership of dedicated captains who will inspire their squad to give their all on the field.


The Rugby Africa Sevens tournament promises to be a showcase of African rugby excellence, as nations from across the continent come together to compete at the highest level. Kenyan fans are rallying behind their team, and the entire nation eagerly anticipates the Shujaa’s journey towards Olympic qualification.

As the clock ticks down to September 16th and 17th, all eyes will be on Harare, Zimbabwe, where Kenya’s rugby warriors will battle it out with unwavering determination and pride, aiming to secure their ticket to the 2024 Olympic Games and continue their legacy of rugby greatness. Rugby enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the thrilling matches and the unforgettable moments that this tournament is sure to deliver.

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