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On a sunny Sunday afternoon in the coastal town of Likoni, the youth of the region gathered for a special event that promises to be a pivotal moment in their rugby journeys. Under the expert guidance of the GIR Coaches, and with the leadership of Dennis Gem, coordinator of Likoni rugby, the under twelve boys and girls teams came together for an exciting session of tag rugby.

This event was no ordinary gathering, but rather a vital step in the preparation for the upcoming Safari Sevens age grade rugby tournament, organized by the Kenya Rugby Union. The young talents from Likoni, full of enthusiasm and energy, embraced the chance to hone their skills and exhibit their passion for the game.

What set this event apart was its inclusive nature. Both boys and girls were given the opportunity to participate in mixed teams, reflecting the evolving landscape of rugby, where gender is no longer a barrier to the sport. This approach not only promotes gender equality but also creates an environment where all participants can develop their skills and teamwork, irrespective of their gender.These children are undoubtedly the future of Kenyan rugby, and events like this lay the foundation for their success in both national and international tournaments.

In a world where inclusivity, passion, and skill development are celebrated, this tag rugby event in Likoni serves as a shining example. Thanks to the combined efforts of the GIR Coaches and Dennis Gem, a new generation of rugby stars is on the rise, ready to make their mark on the sport.

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