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Kenya Sevens stalwart Andrew Amonde will headline the Rugby Patrons Society’s (RPS) clean-up exercise on Saturday 5 May 2018. The event at the Githogoro slum on the Northern Bypass adjacent to Runda Estate starts at 10am and will see 5 teams of 10 boys/girls each from the five RPS grass roots rugby centres assemble for a competition to see who can collect the most rubbish within a given time.  The winning team will be supplied with a trophy.

Andrew Amonde in action against Hong Kong at the 2017 Hong Kong Sevens/Photo/Jan Perlich

The clean-up exercise has received support from Bin (Nairobi) Services Ltd who will provide bags for the clean-up and dispose of the garbage collected afterwards.

RPS’ representative Aggrey Chabeda said, “On behalf of the Rugby Patrons Society, we are very grateful to Bins Director Hardard Macharia for his enthusiasm in support of this project by way of supply of bins bags and a truck to collect and cart the rubbish away.

“We also extend our thanks to Witness Chingwena of Flame Flavours for providing a pizza to each member of the teams taking part.

“Lastly, we extend our gratitude to Carol Stemp who, not only conceived the concept, but has been instrumental in providing other supplies like water, juice, 400 gloves, dettol, soap”.

The Rugby Patrons Society plans to organize teams at the other four grassroots rugby centers to carry out similar CSR initiatives and it is hoped that this will encourage the local communities to partake in cleaning up the environment,” he concluded.

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