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The Girls Participation Project celebrated its successful completion on June 9th in Gilgil. The atmosphere was electric as 60 enthusiastic girls gathered, marking the end of a transformative journey. Over the past weeks, these young athletes had participated in 10 intensive sessions, each designed to instill crucial values and skills, all centered around the sport of rugby.

Thomas Odundo, the Director of Rugby, stated with a sense of pride and optimism. “This project will have a profound impact on how these girls view rugby,” he said. “It’s not just a sport for men; it’s for everyone. This initiative serves as a bridge from grassroots to global stages, opening up new opportunities for these girls to compete and shine in rugby.”

The event also saw heartfelt words from Victor Oduor, the Regional Development Officer, who highlighted the significant changes the project had brought to the Rift Valley region. “We’ve seen a shift in perceptions,” he noted. “Rugby is no longer seen as a male-dominated sport here. These girls have discovered their potential and passion for the game. It’s inspiring.”

Victor’s enthusiasm was palpable as he called for the expansion of the project. He envisioned a future where this initiative would grow into a network of hubs, each dedicated to nurturing young talent. “We need to create pathways,” he urged. “These hubs will help track the transition of these girls from schools to clubs, and eventually, to the national and international stages.”

The Girls Participation Project had achieved more than its initial goals; it had sparked a movement. As the event drew to a close, the girls left with a renewed sense of confidence and determination, ready to take on new challenges and break new ground in the world of rugby. The future looked bright for these young athletes, and for the sport itself, as it continued to evolve and embrace inclusivity. to global stages, opening up new opportunities for these girls to compete and shine in rugby.”

The Development Coordinator, Ronnald Okoth thanked World Rugby and Kenya Rugby on their continued support on ensuring that the project was a success.


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