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Yamanashi Impala won the Stanbic Bank Women’s Festival which served as the third round of the 2020 KRU Women’s 10-a-side festival despite playing to a 7-7 draw with Homeboyz.  The results saw the hosts finish top of the tier one standings with 8 points and a +34 points differences having won their previous two fixtures, 17-7 against Stanbic Mwamba and 24-0 against Top Fry Nakuru.

Homeboyz were level on points with Impala but let down by an inferior points difference that saw them settle for second place. Homeboyz had earlier beaten Stanbic Mwamba 14-0 and Top Fry Nakuru 17-0.

Series leaders Stanbic Mwamba missed the services of their national team players and this told as they settled for third, managinig only one win, a 19-5 result over Top Fry Nakuru who placed last.

Northern Suburbs did not feature in this leg of the series.

Shamas won the tier two competition after winning all their round robin fixtures. They began with a 45-0 win over UESCO before defeating Hidden Talent 20-7. They would follow this up with a 30-0 result over Blad Babes in their final fixture.

Collated Results
Tier 2: Shamas 45 UESC0 0
Tier 1: Stanbic Mwamba 7 Yamanashi Impala 17
Tier 2: Shamas 20 Hidden Talent 7
Tier 1: Homeboyz 14 Stanbic Mwamba 0
Tier 1: Top Fry Nakuru 0 Yamanashi Impala 24
Tier 2: Blad Babes 29 UESCO 0
Tier 1: Homeboyz 17 Top Fry Nakuru 0
Tier 2: Shamas 30 Blad Babes 0
Tier 1: Stanbic Mwamba 19 Top Fry Nakuru
Tier 2: UESCO 0 Hidden Talent 33
Tier 2: Blad Babes 0 Hidden Talent 36
Tier 1: Homeboyz 7 Yamanashi Impala 7

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