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The George Mwangi Kabeberi7s kicked off on 9th September with the Division two matches taking place at the Impala Grounds.  A twenty team format saw eight teams advance to the cup quarters. KCA who kicked off the National Sevens Circuit in Division one during the Driftwood7s were relegated to Division two this weekend are in the Cup quarters. They are joined by MKU Thika, Nakuru KITI, Driftwood7s hosts Mombasa, Brumbies, Mwamba II, Webuye and COMRAS.

Day two kicks off at 8:00am as Egerton RFC faces off with the Dagoretti Bulldogs as TUK and Stormers will meet in the second match of the day.

The eventual Kabeberi 7s Division two winner will earn a spot in the big boys league come Prinsloo 7s as they will then compete with the Division one teams.

Here are the Div. 2 day two pairings


  1. 8:00AM – Egerton vs Dagoretti Bulldogs.
  2. 8:18AM – TUK vs Stormers.



  1. 8:36AM – N. Suburbs vs Bungoma

2. 8:54AM – Kiambu vs MMUST

3. 9:12AM – JKUAT vs Embu

4. 9:30AM – Stingers vs Eastlanders



  1. 9:48AM – MKU Thika vs Nakuru KITI
  2. 10:06AM KCA vs Mombasa
  3. 10:24AM Brumbies vs Mwamba
  4. 10:42AM Webuye vs COMRAS


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