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Kenya has been pooled alongside hosts Ghana and Egypt in the 13th All Africa Games Rugby Sevens scheduled to take from the 18th to the 21st of March at the University of Ghana.

Morans have been pooled alongside Ghana, Egypt and a 16th-seeded side. They will kick off day one action against the 16th-seeded team before wrapping up day one action against Egypt. They will then face Ghana on day two of the tournament after which the knockout stages will be confirmed. Other rugby powerhouses taking part in this tournament are Uganda, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tunisia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Libya, Niger, Benin and Togo.

The team is currently in a residential camp at the Moi International Sports Center – Kasarani for the next six-days before departure on 13th March. The final traveling squad will be announced next week.

The rugby sevens will be played across four match days :

Kenya Uganda Zimbabwe Burkina Faso
Ghana Tunisia Nigeria Madagascar
Egypt RD Congo Sierra Leone Libya
Seed 16 Togo Niger Benin

DAY ONE: 18th March 2024

Men 1 D Madagascar vs Libya 9:00:00
Men 2 D Burkina Faso vs Benin 9:22:00
Men 3 C Nigeria vs Sierra Leone 9:44:00
Men 4 C Zimbabwe vs Niger 10:06:00
Men 5 B Tunisia vs RD Congo 10:28:00
Men 6 B Uganda vs Togo 10:50:00
Men 7 A Ghana vs Egypt 11:12:00
Men 8 A Kenya vs Seed 16 11:34:00


Men 15 D Madagascar vs Benin 14:38:00
Men 16 D Burkina Faso vs Libya 15:00:00
Men 17 C Nigeria vs Niger 15:22:00
Men 18 C Zimbabwe vs Sierra Leone 15:44:00
Men 19 B Tunisia vs Togo 16:06:00
Men 20 B Uganda vs RD Congo 16:28:00
Men 21 A Ghana vs Seed 16 16:50:00
Men 22 A Kenya vs Egypt 17:12:00
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