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The Kenya Rugby Union has cancelled all league and cup competitions this season due to the corona virus crisis. This includes The Kenya Cup, The Championship, Nationwide leagues, Enterprise & Mwamba Cup.

The cancellation means there will be NO Promotion or Relegation in any of the leagues, with all teams remaining in their current division.

We are in challenging times with the worldwide breakout of the Novel Corona Virus.  This has caused untold disruption and presented us with a very challenging environment. Sporting activities have not been spared from its debilitating impact.

This situation has affected our way of life meaning no training, rugby events or matches are feasible in the foreseen future.

At the point of disruption, the leagues were at the play off stages and none of the leagues had qualified winners.

The KRU Board is particularly aware of the impact on clubs, sponsors and fans with the potential to be promoted or win competitions.

This decision is not intended to in any way diminish the games that have already taken place or the efforts of everyone involved. A range of options were explored, as far as possible and a broad consensus was reached across the game as to the most appropriate outcome.

But in the end, we have had to make the decision to ensure we play our part in safeguarding lives.

Our primary concern remains the health and safety of all our stakeholders – the players, technical teams, officials, fans as well as grounds men and security personnel.

Any decision on the resumption of any Rugby activities and fixtures will be subject to direction and guideline by The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Sports.

Finally let us continue to practice the COVID-19 measures and health practices to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Ian Mugambi

Hon. Secretary

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