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The Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) hosted two World Rugby Level 1 Strength and Conditioning courses in Nairobi on 13th and 14th November 2021.

The courses held at Shalom House in Nairobi specialized in strength and conditioning for youth and women respectively and served as a follow up to the conditioning course and were facilitated by renowned S&C specialists Geoffrey Kimani and Mike Shamiah as well as the KRU’s Training & Education Co-coordinator Malik Ndemi.

Commenting on the courses, Ndemi said, “These two courses compliment the World Rugby Level 1 S & C course that was held during the Super Week in June this year. They are required to complete Level 1 S& C accreditation in its entirety. We want all S & C coaches to go through these three courses so that we can bridge the gap currently witnessed in conditioning from high school to club rugby.”

A total of 11 participants (4 women and 7 men) attended the courses, they included two time Olympian and Kenya Women’s international Sheila Chajira.

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