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In the week leading to the 2019 Barthes Cup Tournament in Nairobi Kenya, the Kenya Rugby Union Training and Education Department held the Super week that was run concurrently with the tournament.

On Wednesday 3rd April, Denver Wannies, the Rugby Africa Regional Training Manager  conducted the first course of the Super week. The course was an introduction of a new coaching style heavily leaning on player welfare and injury prevention measures through the Level 1 introduction to Coaching children and truncated activities. This is the second course of its kind to be held in Africa after South Africa.

From Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April, Denver, a Master Trainer, led the Match Official, Citing and Strength and Conditioning Educator courses together with the three trainers in attendance; John Bosco Muamba, Michael Otieno and Fred Ollows. In the process, Denver also did a Quality Analysis of the three trainers to see whether they were delivering in the required standard.

Trainer Fred Ollows conducting a Course on 5th April


The MO educator course had six participants: Victor Oduor, Dennis Wachira, Sarah Ogola, Noreen Liyosi, Beryl Akinyi and the Kenya Rugby Referees Association Chairman, Mwangi Karimi. Absaloms Juma was the Citing Commissioner attending the course while George Ndemi and Jared Orlander were the Strength and Conditioning Participants.

Speaking after the conclusion of the Super week, “The last Educator Course was in 2014. It’s been long overdue to increase our education workforce. Yes, it was limited to certain individuals owing to the criteria that has to be met for one to qualify. With the new addition of Educators, with the biggest being Citing and SnC Educators(if and when they get accredited) they will boost the rolling out of the two courses across the rugby fraternity. For the MO Educators, refresher courses and workshops to update and help in law translations will be rolled out Nationally.” said G. Ndemi.

The super week was part of the Barthes Cup 2019 Legacy. Steph Nel, Africa’s Rugby Services Manager led the Kenya Rugby Union Women Rugby Strategy Workshop on the 5th April 2019.

The Union is looking forward to having more training courses across the Country.

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