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The Kenya Rugby Union will continue achieving one of its strategic plans of growing the game this weekend as the Development and Training and Education departments host a Get Into Rugby course on Saturday 20th March at the Impala Grounds from 9:00 am.

A total of 40 men and women have confirmed attendance of this course that will see Ronnald Okoth, KRU’s Development Officer, Malik Ndemi, KRU’s Training, and Education Coordinator, and JohnBosco Muamba, Rugby Africa’s Development Officer be the Educators on duty. These 40 members have been selected from within the Nairobi Metropolitan and once they’re done with the course, they’ll be expected to introduce rugby in their various Estates.

These new members are all required to have completed three prerequisites: Rugby Ready, Coaching Children, and Laws of the game.

“The main purpose of this course is to increase our GIR numbers country-wide as well as the numbers of our equipped coaches. Increasing and maintaining these numbers will in-turn guarantee us good numbers of the players who make their way to our top tier clubs and eventually to the National Teams,” said Ronnald Okoth.

There will be more GIR courses introduced in the KRU Regions and will be organized and overseen by Okoth and Ndemi assisted by the Regional Development Officers.

After this weekend, KRU will organize a monthly Children’s festival, the dates will however be communicated in a subsequent communication.

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