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The annual five-week-long women’s tournament will from now henceforth be played in two tiers. The division is based on the different levels of competition displayed by the teams, the age difference between players and the conditioning of the teams.

The league previously featured nine teams; Stanbic Mwamba, Homeboyz, Top Fry Nakuru, Northern Suburbs, Yamanashi Impala, Blad Babes, Shamas, Kisumu Dolphins, and Twigas and with the inclusion of the Egerton Hornets, it brings the total to ten teams. Tier one will feature Stanbic Mwamba, Homeboyz, Top Fry Nakuru, Northern Suburbs and Yamanashi Impala while Tier two features Blad Babes, Shamas, Kisumu Dolphins, Twigas, and the Egerton Hornets.

The festivals will be played in a round-robin format in both tiers after which teams will be ranked based on their results to confirm the semifinal pairings.

“Not all teams are equal in terms of competition and this was very evident during the first festival. Having two tiers in regards to the level of competition will help each team play it’s best as well as develop further. The main aim of the tournament is to assess the growth of teams and individual players. By placing each team where they deserve to be will improve their performance step by step,” said George Ndemi, Kenya Rugby’s Training, and Education Coordinator.

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