Mwamba Emerge Champions In The Second Leg of the KRU Women’s Festival
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Mwamba Ladies were victorious in the second leg of the KRU Women’s Festival at the Impala Grounds on Sunday 14th March. The tournament being a round-robin meant the winners were going to be determined by points tally. A win is four points, a draw is two points while a loss is one point.

Kulabu kicked off their day with a 26-7 win over Northern Suburbs, followed by a 17-7 loss to hosts Yamanashi Impala before completing the pool fixtures with a second win over Suburbs beating them 21-0 bringing their total to 12 points. Second place Impala won two of their matches beating Suburbs in 22-0 and 28-10 while they lost to Mwamba to get a total of 9 points. The Northern Suburbs ladies had a tough day as they lost all their matches.

In Tier Two, Ruckit Queens were victorious as they went unbeaten in this leg.

Collated Fulltime scores:

Matchday schedule
Shamas 42 – Kitengela Sharks 00
Mwamba 26 – Northern Suburbs 7
Ruckit Queens 14 – Kisumu Dolphins 00
Shamas 22 – Twiga RPS 5
Northern Suburbs 00 – Yamanashi Impala 22
Kisumu Dolphins 27 – Kitengela Sharks 00
Ruckit Queens 24 – Twiga 0
Mwamba 15 – Yamanashi Impala 05
Kisumu Dolphins 15 – Shamas 10
Ruckit Queens 36 – Kitengela Sharks 00
Northern Suburbs 10 – Yamanashi Impala 28
Twiga RPS 0 – Kisumu Dolphins 10
Mwamba 21 – Northern Suburbs 00
Kitengela Sharks – Twiga
Shamas 5 – Ruckit Queens 33
Yamanashi Impala 17 – Mwamba 7


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