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Nyati Franchise was the 2021 victors of the KRU Women Franchise after beating second-place Ndovu Franchise 71-5 at the RFUEA Grounds on Sunday 19th September.

Nyati which comprises players from Impala, Homeboyz, Ruckit, and Twiga RPS Clubs rallied to a 47-0 halftime lead before adding 24 extra points in the second half. On their way to the final, they secured a comfortable 87-7 victory over the Kifaru Franchise on 5th September.

Ndovu had secured their final slot through their 27-12 win over the National U20 team, Shibli on 22nd August.

Speaking after their victory, Nyati’s head coach Mary Ochieng said that they had a few areas where they got penalized severally in their match against Kifaru, “We got penalized for being offside in the rucks and coming into this match, we knew it’s an area we need to work on. We also improved on our scrummaging because, in the previous match, we were engaging early and getting penalized,” she said.

Heading into this final, Nyati Franchise exposed a number of new players to the match especially in the last quarter. “We want them to have that opportunity of what it feels like to be in action. Heading into the next season, we’ll be looking at individual player development because once a player is able to play to her very best and the team gels as one, that will be a very powerful team,” she concluded.

Kifaru Franchise finished third overall after seeing off Shibli 42-8 in the 10:00 am kick-off match.


3rd/4th: Kifaru 42 – Shibli 8

Final: Nyati 71 – Ndovu 5

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