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The KRU Affiliates met on Saturday 22nd July to discuss the proposed 2017/18 calendar at the KRU Grounds. In attendance were the KRU Honorary Secretary General,Oduor Gangla, the Director in charge of Fixtures, Moses Ndale, Director in charge of the National Squads Ian Mugambi, KRU Fixtures and Competitions Administrator Martin Ngunjiri, The KRRS Secretary Alfrd Okwemba and the Kenya Sevens Head Coach Innocent Simiyu.

As per the laid down Agenda, they agreed on the following

  • Kenya Cup in the 2017-2018 Season be played in a one off format to accommodate the late start of the 7s and the early kick off of the 2018 Kenya 15s International Season.
  • Championship in the 2017-2018 Season will retain the 2 conferences format. 6 Teams on each Conference to play home and away within their conferences and a one off against each team of the other conference.
  • In the 2018-2019 Season Kenya Cup will go back to the 2 Conferences format.


In the KRRS Action plans, the secretary mentioned the following

  • There’s been an increase in the number of Elite referees from 6 to 12. He accredited this to the HP camps and trainings that have been held in the last one year.
  • Requested that all players acquire the level one coaching. The purpose of this is so that they are also aware of the rules of the game and they are able to observe and practice them when on the pitch.

The club representatives urged the Society to ensure the referees in charge of a match control how they handle the game and the Club Managers were asked to also control how they handle themselves in the sidelines while watching a match.

The Kenya 7s selection criteria as presented by Innocent Simiyu and the feedback given by the Club representatives were as follows.

  • The Kenya Sevens Head Coach Innocent Simiyu presented the criteria he would use to select his 2017/2018 team to the affiliates.
  • He intended work with a pool of 15 players who are already in the set up and then later include another set of 15 who’ll be selected during the local circuit.
  • The members were however in disagreement of this and have asked the Director of Nationals Squads together with the Head Coach to find another approach within 10 days.


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