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In anticipation of the upcoming 15s National scheduled from 6th to 14th April, schools have actively embraced the Open tournaments as a crucial preparatory measure.

The Open tournaments encompasses various sports disciplines, with a particular focus on 15s rugby. This initiative aims to foster healthy competition and enhance the skills of participating teams, providing a valuable pathway for teams to prepare adequately for the national event.

Last weekend witnessed five schools hosting Open tournaments in their respective regions. The outcomes of these tournaments provide insights into the competitive landscape and the form of various teams leading up to the 15s National.


Lenana Open:

Hosted by Lenana School.

Attracted a total of 13 schools.

Lenana emerged victorious with a convincing 10-3 win against Mangu High School.

Kitui Open:

Kitui School:

Attracted 8 schools.

Katheka High School secured the win with a three-point difference against the host school.

Maseno Open:

Maseno School:

Featured the defending national champions, Butula.

Butula emerged as winners, defeating the host school 7-3 in a closely contested match.

Meru Schools Open:

 Meru School

Kibirichia emerged victorious, winning 26-0 against Meru School.

The Open tournaments serve as a crucial stepping stone for schools aiming to participate in the 15s National. These events not only allow teams to showcase their skills and talent but also provide an opportunity for coaches to assess and refine their strategies based on the performance of their teams. The competitive nature of Open tournaments creates an environment that mirrors the intensity and challenges that teams are likely to face at the national level.


The Open tournaments are an integral part of the overall preparation strategy for schools gearing up for the 15s National. The experience gained, lessons learned, and areas of improvement identified during these regional tournaments contribute significantly to refining team dynamics, tactics, and player fitness. This comprehensive preparation will undoubtedly enhance the overall quality of play and competitiveness during the 15s National.

The Open tournaments held in various regions have provided a glimpse into the capabilities of participating schools, with notable performances and closely contested matches. As schools continue to fine-tune their strategies and address areas of improvement, the Open tournaments serve as a valuable foundation for the success of teams in the upcoming 15s National. The dedication and commitment displayed by schools in embracing these preparatory events are commendable, and the anticipation for an exciting and fiercely competitive national tournament is palpable.

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