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Shujaa and Lionesses opponents for the first round of the Inter Regional Tournament are now known.

Shujaa will face the USA, France, Argentina, hosts Spain and Portugal in the first tournament on 20th February.

The Lionesess will play the USA, France, Russia, Spain and Poland in the women’s competition.

Both tournaments will be played on a round robin basis with the best placed teams proceeding to the knockout rounds.

Lionesses Fixtures EAT (GMT+3)
20 February
12.22pm Russia v Lionesses
2.45pm  USA v Lionesses
5.30pm France v Lionesses

21 February
12.22pm Spain v Lionesses
3.29pm Poland v Lionesses

Shujaa Fixtures EAT (GMT+3)
20 February
1.50pm Shujaa v France
4.35pm Shujaa v Portugal
7.20pm Shujaa v USA

21 February
1.28pm Shujaa v Spain
4.13pm Shujaa v Argentina

The Shujaa and Lionesses squads to Madrid, Spain for the Inter Region Sevens
LionessesPhiladelphia Olando (Captain), Celestine Masinde, Sheila Chajira, Ann Goretti, Stella Wafula, Naomi Amuguni, Camilla Cynthia, Janet Okello, Linet Moraa, Enid Ouma, Diana Awino, Christabel Lindo, Sarah Oluche

ShujaaNelson Oyoo (Co-Captain), Herman Humwa (Co-captain),Alvin Otieno, Andrew Amonde, Harold Anduvati, Vincent Onyala, Willy Ambaka, Daniel Taabi, Johnstone Olindi, Mark Kwemoi, Tony Omondi, Billy Odhiambo, Derrick Keyoga, Jacob Ojee, Jeff Oluoch Non Travelling Reserves: Alvin Marube, Bush Mwale, Levi Amunga

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