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The Simbas will start their 2020 Rugby Africa fixtures on Saturday 30th May at home against Morocco. The two are in Group B alongside the winner of the Côte d’Ivoire vs Rwanda match that will take place on 23rd November 2019 in Ivory Coast.

Earlier this year, Rugby Africa announced the new 2019/2020 format that sees all the invited 16 Nations competing for the overall Rugby Africa Cup title. The tournament will take place in three phases: Eliminatory round, Group Round and the Final Round.

The Eliminatory round will take place on the 23rd, 30th November and 1st December:

23rd November: Côte d’Ivoire vs Rwanda in Côte d’Ivoire

23rd November: Ghana vs Botswana in Ghana

30th November: Senegal vs Mauritius in Senegal

1st December: Madagascar vs Nigeria in Madagascar

The Group round will then kick off six months later on 30th May to 4th July 2020. The twelve teams have been divided into four Groups:

Group A: Namibia, Zambia, Winner of the match Madagascar vs Nigeria

Group B: Kenya, Morocco, Winner of the match Côte d’Ivoire vs Rwanda

Group C: Uganda, Algeria, Winner of the match Senegal vs Mauritius

Group D: Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Winner of the match Ghana vs Botswana

On 30th May, The Simbas host Morocco in the first Group B match, the second Group match will be held in Morocco where the hosts will welcome either Côte d’Ivoire or Rwanda. The last Group B fixture is scheduled for 27th June when The Simbas will head to Côte d’Ivoire or Rwanda.

The final round will be held on 29th July and 1st August in a single venue that is yet to be confirmed. On 29th July, the Group A winner will face the group D winner in the first semifinal followed by the Group B winner taking on the Group C winner in the second semifinal. The Bronze and final matches will take place on the 1st of August.

Kenya Simbas 2020 RA Cup Fixtures:

30th May vs Morocco – HOME

27th June vs Côte d’Ivoire or Rwanda – AWAY

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