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Michael Kwambo |


In a groundbreaking move for women’s rugby development in Kenya, the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) has introduced the Women’s Tier Two Festival, offering clubs and institutions a vital pathway to transition into the esteemed Women Kenya Cup League. The festival, currently underway at various locations across the nation, signifies a pivotal moment in the advancement of women’s rugby.

The tournament is taking place simultaneously in different regions, underlining the nationwide scope of the initiative. In Nairobi, the action unfolds at the RFUEA Ground, while the Western region hosts their games at Sigalagala Polytechnic. In the Rift Valley, the festival is being held at Eldoret Polytechnic, and along the Coast region, Khamis Secondary School serves as the host venue. The Eastern region is not left behind, with the festival taking place at the Embu Showground.

Ronnald Okoth, the Development Coordinator of the Kenya Rugby Union, expressed enthusiasm about the event, highlighting its significance in shaping the future of women’s rugby in the country. Okoth described the festival as a crucial stepping stone towards a monumental journey in the development of women’s rugby. The inclusion of such initiatives showcases the KRU’s commitment to fostering talent and expanding opportunities for women in the sport.

The Women’s Tier Two Festival is anticipated to not only elevate the level of competition but also serve as a catalyst for increased participation and interest in women’s rugby across diverse communities.

The tournament marks a positive stride in creating a robust foundation for the growth and success of women’s rugby, ultimately contributing to the sport’s prominence in the nation.

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