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The third round of the KRU Women’s 10s festival takes place on Sunday 8 March 2020 at the Impala Club. This leg coincides with the International Women’s Day which falls on the same day.

Circuit leaders Stanbic Mwamba will be out to maintain their lead by making it three wins out of three, having won the opening two rounds at the Kenyatta University on 9 February and KCB Sports Club on 23 February.

They will face stiff competition from fellow top tier (Pool A) sides Yamanashi Impala, Northern Suburbs, Homeboyz and Top Fry Nakuru. These sides will play a round robin competition which will see the highest ranked team crowned tournament winners.

There will also be second tier (Pool B) action which will feature Shamas Rugby Foundation, Blad Babes, Twiga RPS as well as two invitational sides.

Order of play, Sunday 8 March 2020

Tier Team Team Kick Off
B Shamas Rugby v Invitational 1 9:00am
B Blad Babes v Twiga RPS 9:25am
A Stanbic Mwamba v Yamanashi Impala 9:50am
A Homeboyz v Northern Suburbs 10:15am
B Shamas Rugby v Invitational 2 10:40am
B Twiga RPS v Invitational 1 11:05am
A Homeboyz v Stanbic Mwamba 11:30am
A Top Fry Nakuru v Yamanashi Impala 11:55am
B Shamas Rugby v Twiga RPS 12:20pm
B Blad Babes v Invitational 1 12:45pm
B Homeboyz v Top Fry Nakuru 1:10pm
A Shamas Rugby v Blad Babes 1:35pm
A Top Fry Nakuru v Northern Suburbs 2:00pm
B Twiga RPS v Invitational 2 2:25pm
A Northern Suburbs v Yamanashi Impala 2:50pm
B Blad Babes v Invitational 1 3:15pm
A Stanbic Mwamba v Top Fry Nakuru 3:40pm
B Invitational 1 v Invitational 2 4:05pm
A Homeboyz v Yamanashi Impala 4:30pm
A Stanbic Mwamba v Northern Suburbs 4:55pm
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