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Girls Participation Project Advances Rugby Skills and Values in 3rd Festival

The Girls Participation Project recently celebrated its third festival, a dynamic event dedicated to advancing the skills and values of young female athletes in the Rift Valley region. The festival featured three comprehensive training sessions, each designed to nurture various aspects of rugby proficiency and character development.

Session 6: Building Foundations The girls delved into essential aspects of rugby during Session 6, including ‘Outs and Ins,’ emphasizing strategic movements on the field, ‘Gender Respect,’ promoting a culture of inclusivity, and ‘Break the Pane,’ a drill fostering agility and teamwork.

Session 7: Diverse Skill Development Session 7 incorporated a range of skills with activities such as ‘Jumper Bumps’ for aerial prowess, ‘Group Respect’ to reinforce teamwork, ‘Pass and Run’ for effective ball handling, ‘Tackle Triangle’ for defensive strategies, and a second round of ‘Group Respects’ to strengthen camaraderie.

Session 8: Mastery and Empowerment The final session, Session 8, focused on refining skills with ‘Pass Perfect,’ encouraging precise passing, ‘The Best Words,’ emphasizing positive communication, ‘The Swarm,’ for cohesive team play, ‘Save the World,’ promoting responsibility, and ‘The Best Words Wrap,’ a comprehensive review of positive language.

Participants underwent all three sessions, ensuring a well-rounded approach to rugby training that encompasses both technical skills and valuable life lessons. The festival concluded with a question-and-answer session, providing organizers with insights into the participants’ understanding and engagement levels.

The Girls Participation Project, a collaborative effort between the Kenya Rugby Union and World Rugby, serves as a crucial bridge for young female athletes, guiding them from grassroots to a global impact on the big stage. With a specific focus on the Rift Valley region, the project aims to leave a lasting impact, empowering girls and fostering talent that transcends local boundaries.

As the project unfolds, the organizers remain dedicated to nurturing a supportive environment where girls can thrive not only as rugby players but also as confident and empowered individuals, contributing to the broader development of the community and the sport.

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