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Kenya Secondary Schools Rugby 15s County Level Results Decided

In the ongoing Kenyan Secondary Schools term curriculum calendar, the rugby 15s county level matches have concluded, with various schools solidifying their positions and advancing to the regional level, aiming for a shot at the Nationals. The matches showcased remarkable displays of skill and determination, with teams battling it out on the field to secure victory for their respective counties.

Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • Nyeri County: Kiarithaini High emerged victorious with an impressive 18-5 win against Kagumo.
  • Nandi County: KB school secured a 6-0 victory over Kipsigak School.
  • Migori County: Anjengo dominated with a 27-5 win over Rapogi Schools.
  • Kiambu County: Mangu High displayed strength with a 10-3 win against Alliance.
  • Kitui County: Kitui School emerged triumphant with an overwhelming 79-0 victory against Kiviu B.
  • Homabay County: Agoro High secured a solid 10-0 win against Homabay School.
  • Siaya County: Bungoma emerged victorious with a close 6-0 win against Kimombo.
  • Machakos County: Machakos Boys clinched a narrow 8-6 victory against Katwanya High.
  • Vihiga County: Vihiga High displayed resilience with a 6-3 win against Chavakali Secondary.
  • Nakuru County: Nakuru High was crowned the winners after a thrilling 6-3 victory over Koelel High.

The matches not only highlighted the talent and dedication of the young rugby players but also underscored the competitive nature of secondary school sports in Kenya. As these schools progress to the regional level, they continue to showcase their prowess and determination, aiming to leave a mark in the national arena.

The regional matches will be played on the later days:

  • Nyanza Regionals will be played at Kisumu School from the 19th – 23rd of March
  • Western Regionals will be played at Nyang’ori High from the 20th – 23rd March
  • Riftvalley Regionals will be played at Kapsabet High from the 19th – 23rd March
  • Nairobi Regionals will be played at Starehe Boys from the 20th – 23rd March
  • Coast Regionals will be played at Kilifi-Malindi from the 20th – 23rd March
  • Central Regionals will be played at Mpesa Academy from the 12th – 15th March
  • Eastern Regionals will be played at Machakos School from the 19th – 24th March
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