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Following a league and fixtures committee meeting held this evening, 28th February, 2022, it has been determined that.

  1. Two clubs – Kenya Harlequins and Impala Saracens were level on match points at 17 each after match day 11.
  2. As per the league manual point 5 that determines league standings in the case that teams are level on match points; No. 5.c directs that the determinant where such a tie exists, as the results of the matches played between the two teams.
  3. There was only one match between Kenya Harlequins and Impala Saracens on 27.11.2021 that ended 29-20 in favor of Kenya Harlequins.
  4. As such Kenya Harlequins are ranked 10th in the league and Impala Saracens ranked 11 at the end of the regular season.
  5. Impala Saracens are therefore relegated to the Championship League in the next season alongside Nondescripts.

Notes:  In making the determination the guiding principle was the results of the fixture(s) between the two teams takes precedence over the results of the two teams against the rest of the league participants. While cognisant of the fact that in the shortened league, only one match was played as opposed to home and away the guiding principle remains that the results of the fixture between the two teams takes precedence.


Hilary Itela


League & Fixtures Committee

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