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The Simbas head coach Jerome Paarwater has retained the starting lineup that faced the San Clemente Rhinos a fortnight ago as they prepare to face the Eastern province side on Saturday 29th April 2023 in Port Alfred. These two sides have met once, on 11th June 2022 at the RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi where The Simbas walked away with a convincing 41-24 victory over the EP side.

The team has had a steady improvement in training since their arrival in South Africa and it is evident the players are getting the momentum right based on the feedback from the coach. They left Cape Town on Thursday night for an eleven-hour journey to Port Alfred, Eastern Cape where they will play their second Mzansi Challenge match in front of a very eager crowd.

“We have retained our starting 15 because we don’t want to have too much disruptions in the team. I have spoken to the boys, told them to settle and learn the systems properly which they are doing and we’re ready for tomorrow’s game. We have only changed the bench around this weekend and then from next week, we will work having changes all-round  the team so that everyone eventually gets to start a game,” said Jerome.

In the previous match, the team had a 6-2 split on the bench but tomorrow’s will be a 5-3 meaning there’s an extra back on the line up. Teddy Akala, Jeanson Musoga and Reinhard Mwalati are rested this week and in comes Emmanuel Mulaa, Darrelsheldon Kahi and Timothy Mmasi.

We caught up with the Captain and Vice Captain earlier in the week and they updated us on how the team was faring in Cape Town ahead of their second meeting.

The match will kick off at 4:00pm EAT and broadcast information will be shared in subsequent communication.

The Simbas Line up versus EP Elephants:

  1. Ephraim Oduor 2. Griffin Musila 3. Hillary Mwanjilwa 4. Brian Juma 5. Hilary Odhiambo 6. George Nyambua(Captain) 7. Brian Ndirangu 8. Elkeans Musonye 9. Samuel Asati(Vice Captain) 10. Ntabeni Dukisa 11. Beldad Ogeta 12. Walter Okoth 13. Joel Inzuga 14. Alfred Orege 15. Andrew Matoka Reserves. 16. Emmanuel Mulindo 17. Ian Njenga 18. Wilhite Mususi 19. Elvis Olukusi 20. Darrelsheldon Kahi 21. Timothy Mmasi 22. Brian Wahinya 23. Peter Kilonzo
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