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We are happy to introduce Ian Snook and Murray Roulston from New Zealand, coaches who will be working with us for the next one year to prepare the Simbas as we go into the World Cup Qualifiers and beyond.

The coaches arrived on Monday 9th April and have held meetings with the technical team every day since then to understand where we are and discuss the shape of the game as they would like to see it.

Between them, they have over 50 years of coaching at various levels from developing nations and counties as well as working with the All Blacks in various capacities.

Ian Snook and Murray Roulston will be in charge of Attack and defense respectively. Snook will however be the overall head of the Simba’s technical bench.

Murray has worked with teams such as Hurricanes; he was also the Highlanders Super 12 Technical Advisor and the Super 14 Assistant Coach

Snook on the other hand has been the Director of Rugby in both New Zealand and South Africa; for five years, he was a contributor to NZRU Coaching Toolbox (‘Snook on Coaching’).

Snook and Roulston have been and will be working with our technical bench which consists of Wangila Simiyu, Charles Ngovi, Christopher Makachia, Richard Ochieng and Dominique Habimana in developing our structures for the foreseeable future. They are also very keen to develop a very unique Kenyan style of rugby based on our strengths and abilities and work with the Club coaches and have started meeting them on a one on one to discuss this potential.

Snooky and Rouly welcome to Kenya. We look forward to happy and successful times.



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