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The Kenya Rugby Union conducted a series of Training and Education courses during the recently concluded National Sevens Circuit.

A total of 14 courses were held across the 6 legs of the National Sevens Circuit, attracting a total of 173 participants (140 males and 33 female).

Ben Mahinda takes participants through the First Aid in Rugby (FAIR) course in Mombasa

Commenting on the courses, KRU Training and Education Coordinator George Ndemi said, “the courses were structured to provide participants with the structure, strategy and blueprints for implementation within the rugby-coaching and game management environment.”

“The course modules included a mix of classroom and practical scenarios that enabled participants to apply and understand the theory learned under the watch of our facilitators,” added Ndemi.

“They further provided an authentic growth opportunity for coaches and match day personnel aspiring to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the game, “he concluded.


  1. L1 Coaching 7s at Shalom House on 19th Kabeberi 7s. 3 educators. 2Female, 15Male
  2. L2 Coaching 7s at Shalom House on 19th & 20th Kabeberi 7s. 3 educators. 9 male participants
  3. L1 conditioning for children at Shalom House on 25th Christie 7s. 2 educators. 1Female, 9Male
  4. L1 Conditioning for Youth at Shalom House on 26th Christie 7s. 2 educators. 2Female, 10Male
  5. L1 Conditioning for Adult at Shalom House on 27th Christie 7s. 2 educators. 2Female, 15Male
  6. L1 FAIR course at MSC on 16th & 17th Driftwood 7s. 1 Educator, 8Male, 8Female
  7. L1 Conditioning for Children at MSC on 16th Driftwood 7s. 1 Educator. 7Male
  8. Activate course at MSC on 17th Driftwood 7s. 1 Educator. 12 Male
  9. Level 1 & 2 Coaching 7s at Mamboleo Stadium on 2nd & 3rd Dala 7s. 1 Educator. 11Male
  10. L1 FAIR course at Mamboleo Stadium on 2nd & 3rd Dala 7s. 1 Educator, 2Female, 6Male
  11. L1 Coaching 7s at NAC on 7th & 8th Prinsloo 7s. 2 educators. 2 Female, 13Male
  12. L1 FAIR at NAC on 8th Prinsloo 7s. 1 educator. 4 Female, 7Male
  13. L1 & 2 Coaching 7s at Bull Ring on 14th & 15th Kakamega 7s. 2 educators. 1 Female, 7Male
  14. L1 FAIR at Bull Ring on 14th & 15th Kakamega 7s. 1 educator. 11Male, 9Female







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