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The Kenya Rugby Union has been and continues to comply with the Sports Act of 2013. This is an ongoing process which started in 2015 in the presence of the Sports Registrar and a Rugby Africa/World Rugby representative, Mervin Green at the AGM of 17th March 2015 when it voted to align its constitution with Sports Act of 2013.

1. At the AGM of 16th March 2016, the KRU adopted the KRU Handbook and By laws which includes Anti-Doping (Regulation 19).

2. At the AGM of 22nd March 2017, the KRU adopted officers term limits in accordance with the Sports Act of 2013.

We have also availed the requisite information, including accounts and annual reports are shared with all our stakeholders.

The KRU is in constant communication with the Registrar and continues to work towards complying with the Act.

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