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You have been confirmed to play at the big game. You’ve done the training, your boots are polished, and now its crunch time.
In rugby, the margins for a win or loss are very small and hence you have to go above and beyond the normal match day preparations. Here are factors that you should consider Pre-match, Match Day and Post-match.
Your diet and nutrition plays a big role in how you prepare for a match. Normally, rugby training calls for a high energy diet. A good diet ensures that you are well fueled for training and recovery.
Remember to incorporate carbohydrates to fuel your muscles, lean protein necessary to help in recovery and healthy fats essential to the body.
Do not forget the magical fruits and vegetables that are a source of vitamins and minerals and most of which also contain fiber and complex carbs.
Hydration is also key to preparing for any match. Water accounts for 60% of body mass and it is responsible for transporting nutrients to parts of your body as well as regulate your body temperature. Hydration levels need to be at their peak.
Avoid alcohol and diuretics that are bound to weigh your system down. Checking if your urine is clear is one of the sure ways to tell if you are hydrated enough.
Sleep. It is important to get a good night’s sleep the night before the match-day. Do whatever it takes to ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted and sufficient enough. Failure to this, you will wake up feeling sluggish with zero energy no matter how many energy drinks you down.
Pre-game nutrition is also an important aspect as you want to have enough glycogen that helps to maintain blood sugar levels necessary for improved performance. The diet may vary for each player depending on what position you play in the match, your dietary requirements and body mass index.
However, aim to eat at least 2-4 hours before the match to give your body time to digest and stock up on necessary fuels required.
Avoid salty foods and heavy meals that are hard to digest as this may weigh your system down hence reducing energy levels which you so much require to perform.
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Ensure you have had enough water but not too much to impair your performance.

Ensure you have all you need for the match. Comfortable shoes and kit, mouth guard, shoulder pads, and some water for half time.
A healthy mental well-being is required to ensure that you have the right focus. Do ensure therefore that you are stress free, follow your normal routine to avoid confusion and adopt a positive attitude towards the game. Being overly nervous can ruin your mood and ultimately affect your performance at the pitch.
It is tempting to order a beer or whiskey to celebrate that victory or to cool down your nerves. However, it is recommended that you have a proper meal both high in carbs and protein and rehydrate with water to commence the body’s healing process ready for your next assignment.
There you go! You factor the above as you prepare for the big match, you are as close to a win as can be.
Wishing the Simbas all the best as they prepare for the KenyaVGermany match. #SimbaNiMoja #RoarBehindThem

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